The In-Service Training Programme

The In-Service Training Programme explores the different roles of educators and support workers within the environment of embedded learning. It focuses on the ubiquity of online learning environments that greatly appeal to the young adult NEET target group. The face-to-face sessions focus on building the competence and confidence of educators so that they can develop digital media projects and short films with young adult NEETs in their community. It also highlights key engagement strategies that can be used to engage these hard-to-reach learners. This programme ensures that adult educators have the ability to utilise online learning resources and be comfortable in carrying out online tasks. Adult educators will be suitably trained in blended learning models of intervention, to understand the benefits of online learning and be fully aware of the risks that are associated with online environments. The NEET IDEA In-Service Training Programme contributes greatly to the development of the inclusivity of marginalised groups in many educational settings. 

A 4-hour induction to the NEET IDEA project

This 4-hour induction will give you insight into the NEET IDEA project. This introductory module will explore the pedagogic methodologies used within the project and discuss the benefit of using non-traditional methods of teaching with the target group. By completing the 4-hour induction, you will discover more about how the NEET IDEA project can outreach young adult NEET’s; alongside how they have been affected by socio-cultural factors. Upon completion, you will gain a deeper understanding of the target group’s needs before completing the audio-visual workshop.

21 hour F2F workshop (audio visual modules)

The 21-hour workshop will delve into the topics of film production, and how this topic can encourage NEET’s to engage with their own learning environments. The audio-visual curriculum is broken down into three modules that consist of:

  • Module 1: Pre-Production
  • Module 2: Production
  • Module 3: Post-Production

The handbook provided will act as a resource that you will use in your workshop, but also that you can use when you apply this training with young adult NEET’s. It will act as a resource that will provide training in audio-visual digital media production and online environments. Moreover, it will allow you to be comfortable working with digital resources and devices so that you feel effectively trained to engage young people in blended learning models of intervention.

35 hours of SDL (addressing the pedagogic and theoretical elements of the curriculum)

In order to facilitate the building of skills featured in the NEET IDEA project, 37 hours of self-directed additional learning materials have been developed to address the andragogic and theoretical elements of the curriculum. These resources will allow you to delve deeper into the topics explored in the In-Service Training Programme, whilst enhancing your skill levels in these areas.